Our Boats

Our boats

We have two Coastguard Rescue Vessels (CRVs) ready to respond at any time…

Freemasons Rescue

Freemasons RescueFreemasons Rescue on trailerTesting her manoeuvra...  maneuverab...  how well she moves!Aluminium sheets being cutSeeing how fast she'll go

Freemasons Rescue is our CRV based at Paraparaumu, powered by a 415hp Volvo turbodiesel engine mated to a Hamilton Jet unit.
She was designed and built in Napier by Senator Boats, with electronic installation carried out by Hawkes Bay Marine, and the striking vinyl wrap done by Mammoth Media. 
Design started in 2018 and she had her official launch at Paraparaumu in June 2019.  Throughout that period we worked closely with Senator, watching them turn a pile of flat aluminium sheets into the rescue boat that’s now in active service on the Kapiti Coast.

K2 Rescue

K2 Rescue enjoying herselfK2 Rescue trainingK2 launchK2 Rescue Kapiti Island sunsetK2 heading out to sea

K2 Rescue is our CRV based at Waikanae.
Built by AMF in 2007, K2 has a 370hp engine mated to a Hamilton Jet unit.
She’s seen a lot of action over the years and has proven her worth time and again.
You’ll be seeing K2 Rescue on the Kapiti Coast for many years to come.